History of The COTAs

COTAs were founded during the 1950s and 60s, originally called Old People’s Welfare Councils (OPWC) this unfortunate name was soon changed with help from the OPWC, where the name Age Concern was adopted.

In the late sixties, all the  OPWCs changed their names to Councils On The Ageing and were members of the national body COTA Australia. COTA

During the 1980′s, the COTAs began to offer a range of insurance products to attract individual members; however, the COTAs have never been ‘membership’ organisations holding branch meetings, but have worked with other organisations which share their concerns for the health and welfare of all older people, especially those suffering disadvantage and discrimination.

In 1990, suggestions that the COTA movement lacked the numbers of individual members needed to claim leadership in the older people’s sector caused discussions to be held with National Seniors Association (NSA), a large individual membership organisation, on the basis that the two organisations fitted well together and could provide, collectively, a stronger voice for older people than either could alone.

In 2002, a Partnership Agreement was concluded and discussions began as to the structure and governance of the new body. It became clear that the established federal structure which the COTAs believed necessary for the effective continuance of their work was unacceptable to NSA.

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