Best Home Security System for Seniors

Monitored security systems for seniors

Seniors looking for a home security system could benefit from a monitored security system. A monitored security system helps ensure that in an emergency the proper authorities can be called. Seniors should consider home security companies that offer 24 hour monitoring and ensure the monitoring plan includes coverage for burglary, fire and medical emergencies.

What is the best home security system for seniors?
The best home security system for seniors would be one catered to the Senior inquiring for one. We recommend that seniors looking for monitored home security systems ask about the most up to date technology available, and request a monitoring plan that provides 24 hour monitoring for burglary. Some characteristics of the ideal home security system for seniors should also include:

  • Easy to use: This goes hand in hand with being user friendly, its easy for anyone who has an unpleasant experience with any system to limit or stop use altogether. If the security system is easy to use then it would encourage seniors use their systems, and arm it daily.
  • Fire Monitoring for Seniors: Fires typically occur by accident but if fire monitoring is included in the monitoring plan (hopefully with the basic price) Fire would add to the safety and peace of mind seniors are looking for. It works whether they are home or away by dispatching the fire department automatically to your home if there is a fire.
  • Carbon Monoxide sensors for seniors (CO2) are important additions to home security system monitoring plan. Toxic gases can be difficult to detect and some of them lack any odor but are dangerous. Carbon Monoxide sensors sound an alarm if the Carbon monoxide levels get to dangerously high levels within the home. Monitored carbon monoxide sensors would trigger a dispatch from fire department to the home, which could help incase a senior has been incapacitated by the toxic gas levels.
  • Medical Response: 24 hour burglary monitoring is great but seniors also may need medical monitoring. Medical monitoring should be included in any home security system for seniors. This service should be included in the monitoring plan. Senior looking for a home security system should inquire about medical alert devices like panic pendants, neck laces or bracelets. This could be the difference between life or death for senior. These medical devices would signal to the central monitoring station at the push of a button, the dispatcher at the monitoring will attempt to engage the senior via phone or the speakerphone device in their property while dispatching the proper authorities to the home.

Best Security system monitoring plans for seniors

The ideal security companies for seniors to do business with will primarily put there safety first by providing and explaining why they believe they have a safe security system. Safety always comes first, when it comes to monitoring plans for seniors it the best plans should include:

  • 24 hour monitoring and Police and Fire dispatch
  • Environmental sensors and monitoring plans for floods, extreme temperatures like heat or freeze.
  • Medical Alert: Medical alert helps ensure that if seniors have a medical emergency the emergency medical team would be dispatched to the home. With an ambulance.

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