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The Council of The Aging (COTA) is focused on helping senior Americans with living a healthy and safe lifestyle. On the COTA website you will find a list of resources that will help you or your loved one get the information they need. We encourage that you and the elderly people you care for use the Internet to make smart purchases and descisions. There are a lot of scam artists out there that try to take advantage of the elderly and it is always best to do some background research before purchasing anything over the phone or online for that matter. Any type of reviews that you can read will make you more well-equipped to make the best decision.


Home Safety and Security for Seniors

The Council of Aging promotes that seniors purchase a medical alert system or home security system with a medical pendant. There are several different reasons to purchase a home security system but we mainly recommend them for your personal safety.  If you’re reading this article you probably know and love a senior member of society if you aren’t one yourself. It is important to know how home security systems can benefit seniors. You can read more about home security system reviews online.  We recommend going to this security reviews website. Read more


How To Plan For Retirement

At one time how to plan for retirement was easy for many and not even a consideration for most. But since there has been a world wide economic downturn, everyone has to re-evaluate how they are going to live during retirement years. Dreams of selling the family home and buying a small place or traveling between two homes are no longer possible for most people. Retirement investments and plans are taking a new direction for the modern young person and for older adults. Hobart in particular is a great place to retire. Read more Not all seniors are able to drive but if they do make sure that you do your research and get an extended car warranty. This can save you thousands of dollars. After all a retirement budget might not be a lot depending on how much you have saved.


Discounts on Home-Based Services

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important especially when you are over 55. Eating right and getting exercise daily can go a long way with helping you not only feel better but live a more active lifestyle. Although we recommend being active it’s good to take a break and watch some tv every once in a while. Sometimes seniors can get discounts on DirecTV and DISH by asking the sales representative for a seniors discount.  Whether you are watching cable tv or satellite TV the discounts might still apply. Usually if you purchase a satellite tv package you can usually bunlde in satellite Internet services for a discounted cost than if you would purchase stand alone Internet services.

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